Monday, 5 December 2016

6 Best Ways to Improve on Your Tweets' Performance

Using twitter for the best Photo; Courtesy

Twitter has become well known of its presence as the best platform to execute digital marketing. For instance, a number of people daily and companies will run a hashtag on the product or service to be advertised. This has become a major trend on twitter today.

As much as you can tweet, there are some ways in which you can use in order to come up with the best tweets that can catch the attention of most readers or your followers. For instance these are some of the simple ways to work it out to get best tweets on your timeline.

1. Use relevant hashtags
Choose hashtags that are relevant to your tweet. If it is a love tweet you can use the hashtag:#Love or #Relationships. That way, it makes sense and can reach many people since it the are one of the popular hashtags.

2. Visual content usage
The photos and video clips you use must be eye catching and relevant at the same time. Don't just fit a photo because you have it. Additionally, don't make your tweet of 140 characters look squeezed. Give the words a breathing space.

3. Discover when is the best time to tweet
Don't just tweet any time expecting a good performance even when you clearly know your audience is either asleep or are on another issue such as discussing the floods that caused destruction that is breaking news in the country and you serious tweeting about #HappyHome. Know what time of the day is good for tweeting what.

4. Your choice of keywords
Choose words that can be easily found in the trends. There is a possibility of many people seeing your tweet if it has a specific keyword that has a tendency of either trending or be seen. For example, president, Uhuru Kenyatta, Corruption among others.

5. Know who to mention
By knowing who to mention will boost your tweet impressions. For instance if you mention or tag a verified individual, there is a possibility that your impressions will rise if he or she quotes, retweets or likes the tweet. Mention someone you know will probably give you a good audience once he or she retweets.

6. Tweet severally
Don't expect a good turn out if you do it once and relax. You need to repeat it again and again. You can tweet the same tweet many times differently. That will improve its performance.

Friday, 2 December 2016

You Are What You Eat

Vegetable Bugger: Photo Courtesy
When you look at this bugger, what do you deduce? It is beautiful and looks delicious to the eyes right? Well, if you actually had a bite of it without any spices added to it, it will be tasteless. Recently I walked into a restaurant and ordered for a bugger. I actually thought it is very delicious only to find out that it is tasteless.

Many a times a number of people will walk into restaurants to eat chicken and chips because they believe that’s one of the best meals one can do as fast foods. People will rather spit eating a bugger and go for chicken and chips. But what they forget is the content in it. Which content are you consuming into your body? Are you eating beauty or nutrients and content?

Most people will rather spend money on materials than food. What are you consuming? For instance, that bugger has greens; onions, tomatoes and lettuce as part of raw vegetables. But how many will think of the nutrients in it that its beauty or taste?

Similarly, which kind of bible do you feed your body the word of God from? Do you choose to buy a Bible because of its beautiful cover or the content? The Word of God is not the cover but what is underlying / in the pages? Go for the content. For if you feed your body with rich nutrients and content it will nourish accordingly. It will be free of sickness, disorders and other problems.

Some people look angels but in reality “rotten”. Which side do you fall? Will you rather go to church because you have that beautiful dress or the glow inside you? God will always be after your heart and the person you have built in you not the physique we see. You are what you eat.

1 Samuel 16:7, “But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” KJV

Sunday, 27 November 2016

4 Activities to Getting the Best out of your Twitter Posts

Twitter has now been ranked one of the best tools in marketing or rather shaping opinions on different topics. It can be used for different activities. But for the digital marketers, reaching a larger audience, creating conversations and getting feedback about the specific products and services they market is their main aim. For instance, to get the best out of your twitter posts one should look into the following

  1. First of all, to have a good twitter presence, one must employ the habit of tweeting not less than 20 tweets a day. This is because there is a lot of content that is being tweeted each and every minute by the millions of people on twitter.
  2. What you tweet must be of information, content and interest to your audience. For instance, if you are gearing your audience towards a product or a service, always start with a tweet of appreciation. Make them feel comfortable and appreciated. This will keep them wanting to read more and more of what you post.
  3. Tweet routinely. Don’t tweet all 20 tweets at once if you aren’t hyping for a trend. Spread them throughout the day. Avoid always employing hashtag tweets when you want to build a good presence with your particular target audience. If it must have a hashtag, let it be relevant with the information tweeted.
  4. As you tweet, always mind who you tag or mention in your tweets. Look forward to mentioning your active followers. Mentioning celebrities is a good idea but they may not take the interest in checking your tweet. So always tag people who you see active on twitter in daily basis. And as you tweet yours, employ the practice of retweeting tweets of the most active tweeps.
Additionally, look forward to interacting with influencers who can boost your tweet reach for a larger audience.

What employers want from millennials

Millennials at work: Photo Courtesy

There’s a rise in the demands of the millennials from their employers. But as much as they are fighting for what they want in their workplace, employers too have some demands from these millennials. For instance, the following are some of them

1. They want to see millennials executing professionalism on social media. More so those who would like to digital marketers. What they execute on social media platforms depicts who they really are.                   
2. They want millennials to learn how to build conversations. Posting many things and walking away on social media thinking you have captured that customer is not working for the products and services. Feedback is key and it is availed when you converse with your clients on social media.
3. As much as millennials want to grow and stay at the work place or home, they need to be free. They should be ready to say what you want rather than complaining about the bosses. The employers won’t understand millennials if they complain without really communicating. Open up.  Both of you need each other.
4. Millennials need to accept guidance from the employers and the heads of companies and Human resource personnel. It saddens employers when they see funny hashtags trending and pity the next generation of unfocused individuals.                   
5. The same way millennials keep on jumping from one job to another because of money, is the same way they are doing with our relationships. Time to really and clearly make out what you want as a millennial. If it is a job, do it to be retained for long. Any improvement you need at your workplace, say it. The world will only change if millennials say it the way it is. Keeping a job for long term is like keeping a relationship for long too.
To learn more, click or #NextGenBusinessTalks

Man, she ain't just a girl but a potential wife

Power of building each other: Photo Courtesy
Some men fall in love with prostitutes not because of their characters. Not because of their habits or rather looks, but because their hearts chose them. Better to love someone who is ready to change than one whom you will never change.

Hey man, if you find a girl whom you correct and works on it, be glad. She might not change her habits instantly. Everything is gradual. You can't fall in love with someone once. True love is falling in love with a woman over and over again. If she tells you everything, that's not a woman to let go.  If her eyes truly wet and you know she is for real, just be keen you don't lose a wife because you think she is a cheat.

Listen man, that woman you love will always have men who crash on her no matter the long you have even been married. Men will call her love, babe, hun, sweetie excetra even if they know she is married. Don't lose hope on a woman who is ready to fight for you. Don't let go a woman whom you truly love. For most times people don't fall in love with others' behaviors but the heart which wants what it wants.

That girl you met is not just a girl. Inside she is a woman. A smart and wise woman who needs guidance from a man who wants to mold her and potter her to make her someone beautiful worth for himself. God created Eve from Adam's rib. He took only one rib. He never took two, three or more. Eve was cheated by the serpent and she accepted. But what did Adam do afterwards; he never let her go. She was still his woman no matter what. She was still that woman a generation of human being came from.

This is the thing boy, gentleman or rather man; a girl, lady or woman will be yours if you build correct, protect, prophesy her and be ready to improve her to be the best for you. Giving up on a woman who can be your wife and help you build a family is like throwing a gold coin into the ocean of many sharks. If she wrongs you, learn to let go; so long as it didn't affect the love you have for her.

Beauty of looks is deceitful. The beauty of a woman lies within her. If she accepts change, man that woman can take care of your home when you are gone; either to far distant place or from the face of the earth. You can never find a perfect woman. But you can make a perfect match out of the corrections you make in her. It's useless to correct a girl for some time only to dump her after some months of progress. You have not only lost a good friend but a potential wife. You ain't righteous man.

If a woman tells you I love you, she means it. She loves a man the way he is. Have you ever wondered why people who are considered poor have best marriages? Because of that woman. She knows how to keep the family together. She supports his husband. She is patient at everything. Rich men would have tried to confuse her to break up from her marriage, but love and faith kept her there. A number of men are after your woman. It's a matter of fighting. If you give up, you too weak to be a husband material. If you fight for her she will still look up to you.

Before you go man, take that girl, build her and make her a beautiful woman you can be proud of. Your mother would not have been a woman she is if your father never took time on her. Stop behaving like you have seen another better woman than her outside there. If you love her truly, just ensure that you don't lose that gem. People mess and people forgive. Furthermore, don't ever accuse your woman falsely, you will weaken her strings of love.

Stop treating her just like any other girls you have met and they messed up your life. Stop taking her for granted.  A real woman will give you a reason to smile no matter how many times she messes up. It's not how many times she has fallen, but how many times you will lift her. She needs you.

If you found a woman in a girl, never let go!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Girl, that man ain't your boyfriend but husband

Photo Courtesy: A young couple 
Have you ever really been in love? Well, just to know, love can change your world upside down. Falling in love was the best thing that happened to me because I fell for a best friend whom I was ready to know. I wanted someone to grow me. To correct me. To push me and more so to give me a comfortable shoulder to lean on when my days are gloomy and my fears within exceed. I wanted someone to call me hunie, bunnie, boo, bae, babe and all those sweet nothing names.

Sometimes you might take those little actions you do thinking it is normal and understandable because your thoughts lie to you that, ‘it is okay. He will understand.’ Forgetting ‘those things and actions’ you call tiny might bring about big problems that might require a lot to resolve.

Girl, those texts you are sending to other male friends should be stopped. Those chats you are bubbling all your thoughts like the ‘all know girl’, must be stopped. You are not a judge on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Stop wasting your time on other dudes when you have a potential man in your life. Use that time to find something of importance to do. Make use of that idle time to write to him beautiful poems, drawings or rather sketch him something that will broaden his smile. Make yourself busy to avoid problems.

It will be so unfortunate if you lose a potential husband just because of your circle of friends. Remember this, you can have many friends or rather your circle of friends might be so big but to find those friends who can keep your secrets, give you time to listen to you and be there for you when you need them demands loyalty and commitment.

Listen girl, if it is that male friend of yours leaving questions in your man’s mind, cut links. If it is those girlfriends of yours that don’t rhyme with your character and habits and he has strictly forbidden you to join the crew, hearken. A good man will come into your life to build you, protect you, provide for you and make you fit for him.

Kindly, stop complaining when he corrects you. Humble yourself when he points out mistakes. Don’t hear him talk; listen to his words and internalize. Don’t argue with him; employ turn taking. If your reasons to explain why this that happened will not please him, don’t continue giving them. That will sound rude and he will take them as excuses.

For a girl to grow into a woman that understands real love from a man who is ready to shape her and make her the best for him; she must be ready to shed her old feathers just like an eagle for new ones. It doesn’t matter how painful it is but how patient and courageous is she to stick by the man’s side.

Such a man is a husband not just a boyfriend. If he is lucky to have you, give him more reasons to be lucky every day. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

20 Ways of Gaining Genuine Twitter Followers

Photo Courtesy
A number of people are struggling to gain followers in twitter without knowing there are tips that can guide them for effective gaining. For instance, these are some of the ways in which an individual can genuinely gain followers.

1. By turning on your geographical location. You can easily attract followers from your area. In most cases you will find that when you turn on your GPS, people around your area will be suggested to you.  It is likely for one to hit the button follow for someone from a certain region similar as his/her or area of his/her choice because he/she has turned on the location button.

2. Captivating Bio: Your Bio must be captivating enough to interest someone to follow you. Most times people will carelessly update their status forgetting that Profile is what gives people a general picture about you. So you must be careful and choosy in the choice of words you use to portray yourself. Be relevant and true. You never know who follows you.

3. Make replies to bigger brands. For instance if Safaricom asks a question and you answer then it happens that they retweet it / quote, it is a better chance to gain followers because of the bigger audience given. You can use individuals who you know are best influencers.

4. Employ the mentioning of influential personnel you know. 
Give it a 75% likeliness for him or her to retweet or quote your tweet. That can also be a channel to gain new followers. E.g.
 “What is your take on The USA elections? @xtiandela, @leonlidigu, @machukah, @moseax."

5. Use a clear picture that directs one to you as the focus on your profile. Avoid profile pictures with more than two people. The avatar is a small space. So do you ensure that you don't congest your profile.

6. Make it a habit to tweet during peak hours. Sending messages when people are asleep depending on your time zone is not the best way of gaining followers. Tweet when most people are awake; that way, interactivity is high. For instance, most people in Kenya are thought to be on twitter at 10am, noon, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. Knowing the times people are active on this site will help you schedule your tweets hence likeliness of a lot of traffic to your post. Be around when the bulk of twitter users is around.

7. Automated messaging. Some features on twitter that build up automatic messaging to everyone to a specific geographical area (can be regulated). This can also be a way of gaining followers. For instance, sending a crowdfire message to follow might be very helpful. You can alternatively choose some influential people to DM (direct message) your tweet. They may opt to retweet it or tweet it. That gives you a better platforms,

8. Make use of links to most interesting sites. If you employ the habit of tweeting stuffs and linking them to the best viewed websites might be a very good chance for you to gain followers. You can also include the handle of the site link you are mentioning e.g @ktnkenya reducing the number of words again? Http://  

9, Design your Timeline to be known of some specific things. For instance, if you specialize in sending motivational quotes /business articles, stick to that! You will definitely attract a certain audience to follow you. Do it like a trend to maintain the audience and to encourage more followers. 
Eg check how at Chris Kirubi does..

10. Encourage repetition of some interesting stuffs you have ever posted. This will encourage expansion of your following. Make sure to repeat your best and most informative tweets several times during the day. Sometimes you can undo retweet and retweet it again to increase the impressions and reach. It might end up being a trending tweet and that can earn you a good presence and following.

11. Link your account to outer social media platforms. You can link your twitter with your Facebook, Instagram, G+, LinkedIn among others. Alternatively, you can copy and paste to post the link of the post from your twitter to other platforms. Once Fb followers click the link they can follow once they land on your twitter account. offers linking and managing all accounts.

12. Post pictures worth a thousand words! Design the tweet to be the best ever accompanied with an eye-catching picture. Let people melt down! Ooh yeah! I said let people drool as they read the message!

13.  Make your twitter activity visible. If you have a website, Link it to your twitter. That's easy for people to follow you from your site to twitter.

14. Mind what you share! Use important and helpful links. Create content that people can learn from, can get inspired & be motivated, can get knowledge out of it! For instance, you can do thread tweets.

15. Be generous in linking and retweeting others. Definitely you will realize most people will retweet you if you retweet them! Be generous!

16. Avoid too much promotions.Too many promotions of articles, products and services might make your personal account look like a spammer or rather simply clueless of what you are doing on twitter. Be creative. Know your audience has different types of people. Try to balance different ways of posting; educative, informative, entertaining & agenda setting.     

17. Make use of a scheduling tool to schedule your tweets when you are not online. For instance, one can use to schedule twitter tweets for the future. They will automatically tweet themselves when the time reaches. Alternatively, can be used. Twitter users who post their content at regular basis tend to see more engagement and followers at the same time.

18. Hey! Why can't you join a twitter chat? Join in the trending chats at that specific time. This is a great opportunity to engage with a number of tweeps, meet new people in your sector who might end up following you. For example; #BlogChat

19. Follow users who follow your followers.  There's a high chance of them following back. If you follow users who are business oriented, that means they also have followers in the same interest hence a high chance of them following back

20. Be part of the follow trains that encouraging gaining of followers. Though this might not be a good way since you might end up getting followers who are not that important to you.

Be the best. Be the twitter professional.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Some Moment In Lower Eden (S.M.I.L.E)

Model Gilbert Machuka: Kamanda Dynasty Photography

I'm over here chilling in my zone meditating,

Putting every step in a calculation,
Trying to execute the plan through compilation,
As I manipulate- ideas running through my mind in a competition,
All fancying a chance to be my key,
To the green gates where times works, and papi gets the paps out of  pulp;
As I get elevated in my brain-battle,
Here comes a shining starlet, blessed with the killer figure, 
A throwback to my primary graduation class, 
The resemblance of God's engineering excellency, 
I think she deserves a visionary class, who'd treat her like a wine glass,
She is exactly matching the criterion of papis selection, 
Her smile is taking me miles;
Piles me off the imaginable feeling of affection
The feel of her presence is the reference of perfection
Her melodial attenuation is temptous
Giving me a reason to confess
For she an empress, 
She only one I'd love to impress;
Riddles coming back and forth,
An inquisitive solution is approaching, 
What does it take you to see the unseen?
So blessed with skills to understand The PoiZonous diction, 
Focusing on my locus,
A battle against yes or no, 
I'm sunk in the feeling,
A feeling of her smile;
So blessed with skills to understand The PoiZonous diction, 
I'd feel to call her and hope she smiles, 
For it will be  my Some Moment In Lower Eden (S.M.I.L.E)

 El PoiZon

Saturday, 29 October 2016

How to Deliver the BEST Marketing via Digital Platforms

Don't be just a digital media user;Photo Courtesy
A number of businesses and companies lately have considered digital marketing as the best way to use for their products and services to be known of their existence, branding and the knowledge of current prices. For instance, a number of youths in Kenya are on these digital platforms for different reasons with thousands signing up to different platforms daily. Some are there to pass time while others have transformed their few hours online to make money out of it though digital marketing.

For instance digital platforms include: Mails, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube among others. For digital marketing to be fruitful, a number of pointers have to be put into place:

1.  Digital training
Being able to make use of social media platforms and having a number of following does not give one a guarantee of being a good marketer. There is more than just that. For one to perfect the manner in which he/she conveys the message to the audience, a training is required.
A student during a digital training: Photo Courtesy

For instance, the way the message is packaged for twitter marketing is different from the one for Facebook. Hence, the need of professional skills for marketing that can enable the digital marketer create an impact upon the service or product being advertised. Digital training will:

  • Boost the way a digital marketer shapes the content for posting and sharing to reach targeted audience.
  • Give an individual a promising a career path that can grow fast for those who are hardworking and result oriented. The skills acquired from the training can be used by an influential digital marketer to bring the best out the companies; either his or his clients’.
  • Create the awareness of the number of digital jobs available. For instance, there are 150,000 prospected jobs online by 2020. The fact that a number of youths are making use of digital media, there is a need to undergo the training so as to close the job gaps available digitally than cry of unemployment.
  • Equip aggressive digital marketers with up to date information on how to go about with delivering the best.

       2.    Entrepreneurial Aggressiveness

Go for it! Photo Courtesy
One has to be assertive with the decision made to choose digital media as the way to market. We have witnessed a number of digital businesses do well in the recent past. Millions in the world today can access the internet with a number bringing their businesses on board. Others have gone to an extent of completely doing away with the old ways of marketing to embrace digital marketing.

Taking risks as an entrepreneur is bold. Some never trust the input that it will bring but all in all, it needs confidence. Companies in Kenya such as Kilimall, Safaricom’s Blaze and Homepesa Sacco Africa have grown at a fast rate courtesy of aggressiveness.
An aggressive digital marketer has all confidence that the efforts put into marketing will reap the best.

 3.      Be open minded

Are you open minded: Photo Courtesy
Take your time to read on articles on digital marketing. Study each platform individually to ensure that to meet the qualifications and requirements in the specific digital platform targeted. For instance, Instagram will require more of visual impression; how the posters are designed will either attract the audience or not.

4 .     Network
Know your fellow digital marketers. Interact with them. Attend summits and conferences that involve entrepreneurship and digital marketing. There is a need for companies to know your existence. This can be in the manner in which you brand yourself and the companies that you have worked with to give it the best. 
More Audience: Photo Courtesy
Always look out for a long term relationship with individuals and companies with the best digital marketing strategy. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Add a smile: Photo Courtesy

At first it was on fire
For you checked on me now and then
Those moments I trusted your words accompanied by actions
Making me feel a princess to be; maybe for Prince Charles
My treat was royal
My call was royal
Greetings were queen-like
As your eyes dazzled when me you sighted
My honourable seat being your lap
Where you held me like a baby pampered with a soft rock accompanied to drift her to slumber
But for this time; they were words i yearned for
They were moments my heart craved for
Touching my long black dead hair cells on my head as we cuddled
Slowly but sure, our lips met-passionate kisses
My body aroused; goose pumps
I was convinced that this was home
Days passed, weeks,months, a year keeping abreast to my home
I believe we had attained the climax
Where I got used to you
Until when I felt a hitch
Those good mornings and good nights started to lessen
Those Whatsapp texts reduced to few words
Those dates i was used to slowly becoming dormant
My heart sunk more and more each day
Pain and agony cruised my lame heart-though I tried to convince myself i was okay
Greater distance and emptiness left me hollow though I held on to my love
My tears of joy became bitter
I wished to hold my prince but he was never to be reached
Communication became a great wall that separated our hearts
He could neither pick my calls nor reply my texts
May be his work schedule kept him busy- my only consolation
I did all that could distract me from thinking of him
I prayed nothing bad happened to him
Though, I had doubt
I should have read in between the lines
Maybe I was not meant to be the Princess
Maybe my underprivileged background couldn't allow him to carry the shame
It's three months now-never heard of him
My burning flames reduced to embers
Love is losing a meaning to me
But I still cross my fingers and believe he is still mine
Am still a diehard.


Sunday, 9 October 2016


Lovely couple having dinner: Photo Courtesy

There comes a time in when everything hits a hard and high rock to a standstill 
You believe to have the power to conquer 
But the heart frails as it hurts in anguish pain
You separate yourself from everyone 
Trying to control the pain, loneliness and burning sensations 
With a whirling mind just to come your feelings, emotions and thoughts.

All through, nothing seems to be controlled
No one seems to be on your rescue
The wounds grow deep and wide
Tears rolling like tributaries of River Nile. Regrets; I wish! 
I wish I hadn't lied about this and that
I wish I had a chance to let go of the pains
Slowly but keenly eating you to nothingness
Making you feel worthless.

Try to occupy your mind
But still thoughts in the mind
And your heart of a kind
Feelings and emotions swaying your body like wind
Breathless; hopeless 
Ready to grab it
Tightly to hold it
Away you can run with it
But distance breaks the touch of it.

The ear hears
Nose smells
Hand touches
Eye sees
But the heart does it all
Though it might not show it all
Only for someone who can match the feeling
Can see if willing.

Never hurt what you love
Never harm what you care about
Never joke with what is yours
Guard it
Respect it
Claim it
Protect it
Build it
Empower it
With love, care, calmness and peace.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


(Model) Verah Machuka: Kamanda Dynasty Photography

You only see her beauty
From her emanates a picture of uniqueness
No sight of any faulty
Blessed with abundant beautifulness
Inquisitive; right?
Touchable; to hold tight?
A sight on her curvaceous
A chap on a boat in a sea with tumultuous
The woman she looks.

Moves in striking manner
Elation; gorgeous!
In the street with a banner
Mind drawn away from the business
The two sockets sway the mind
Making you look stupid of a kind
And make a wish
To hell with your Wish
A brand so fine
That your life will define
The woman she looks.

The woman in her
Has a beautiful heart
The girl in her
Cares nothing but hurt
The woman in her
Portrays humility, care and kindness 
The lass in her
Executes pride, jealousy and selfishness
Struggles of personality
For a unique formality.
The Woman in her.

Within she aches
Without she pains
Cruising through daily haves and have nots
Building her book of life form the notes
Changing negatives to positives
Thoughts worth exclusive
Standing out her executive
For she cares; rational
For she works; passional 
To achieve; targets
Within her; budgets 
For she understands
The WOMAN in her is worth of ACT
Act worth Admiring
For the woman in her is a jewel.

The woman in her never prides
But she repents
The woman in her never hates
But she loves
The woman in her never lazies 
But with work she plays
The woman in her is A QUEEN OF LOVE.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Dear Girlfriend, You aint Worth a 'Sponsor'


  Machuka & Niceta: Lens of Adventure Photography

I will never ask you to look more beautiful than you are with your natural look but accept you the way you are. Kindly , do me a favour, DON'T go for a sponsor to cover up for your make up expenses.

I will never ask you to have many clothes in your wardrobe if you don't have a better source of income. But please, Don't go for a sponsor to buy you thongs, skimpy dresses that will make u look expensive when your mind is cheap.

Girlfriend , l will never ask you to compete and compare our other ladies' boyfriends; whether rich or poor, I won't care. But always do me a favour, DON'T pressure yourself in life. A good and rich man at heart will find you if you keep it real.

Girlfriend, let's do this, survival is good but survive while you last with what you can call your sweat not "tips" from your sponsor.

Dear girlfriend, that sponsor has a home he can call home but you have a home only that its your parents '.

Girlfriend, what goes around comes around. How will you manage your daughters if you as an individual is to sponsors?

Dear, find your purpose as a woman. Find your worth in your hard work and not between your legs. Your character will pull a husband to you but your bad habits will push you to the SPONSORS because you never used your Pains to be your success but an advantage to eat another woman's share.

Girlfriend, secure yourself a husband and leave the sponsor to his owner.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Girl, That Guy Ain't Worth You

Ladies don't think dating an older guy than you is worth it. Some guys are just not worth you. Imagine how many ladies he has laid. How many mouths he has kissed. And yet you are there claiming he is well experienced!

Imagine you kept yourself so safe, so off other stuffs that can ruin your life. You work so hard to get where you are. The problems you undergo as a lady as you pursue your education to score high and secure a space in campus are more than of a man. Menstruations being one of them. Sadly, you get to campus then start thinking of dating the experienced guy yet the heart you giving to this guy, he ain't worth it. The virginity you letting him break, he ain't worth it.

Keep it slow, know your value. Be what you have worked so hard to be. If it is a man, make friends out of your age mates. There lies your husband. A man whom you will teach each other to be experienced in love, virtues and values. A man who knows that sex is sacred. A guy who understands loving you is important and valuing you; for you are a jewel.

Girl, value yourself. Forget about dating guys who have finished campus; they have seen most vaginas than yours. So, if you give him your heart and body, he might be one of the walk overs. Be wise. Value your dignity.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Camouflage like Chameleons

Photo Credit: Janet Machuka

Some people were born with smiles in there hearts. Not because of being lucky but because of teaching the heart to smile that translated it to a beautiful facial expression that warms the hearts of whoever's eyes falls on such people. Life is not what you find it and ride on it effortlessly. It is never that way. Life is what you put into action trusting in your efforts that it will turn out to be the best ever. 

For those who live in places that have different kinds of animals; the likes of chameleons and snails, you will realize that a chameleon can stay on the same twig several days but still looking healthy as ever. We all know chameleons never eat leaves. They feed on flesh; insects such as flies and bees. More a times, you will see it stretch it's tongue to reach out for its feed. The delicacy can be seven centimeters away but a careful approach is calculated for it to capture it's prey easily, swiftly and carefully. That's how it will survive until it's time to bid goodbye from the face of the earth. It's camouflage makes it possible to escape a number of dangers as it gets through its life. But that is just a tiny animal with such tactics. 

What about you? What about me? If you go through your life in a daily basis, making a marking scheme of your own, will you score more that half 100%? Will you be of being difference from the way the chameleons do? How many times do you camouflage yourself from the worldly pleasures and pressures? Which calculated ways do you use to attack your enemies of success?

You as an individual can be a chameleon if you let yourself to the test. You can escape from drugs abuse, immorality and deceitful acts just through camouflage. What matters is decision and choice.

Just imagine a chameleon on the same same twig for five days with little movements but still looking strong. Have you ever imagined yourself in that kind of a situation? It can be lack of money that makes you never afford some fashionable things of your desire. It can be your looks that you dislike and yet you are beautifully and wonderfully made by God. It can be that you are not smart in school. But that's nothing. That does not mark or make you decide that your destiny is doomed, NEVER! 

Smart people can make worthwhile decisions. You can be poor in subject examinations but best in coming up with ideas that will change your life and those of others; near, far and beyond. The greatest people are not those who used to be number one in class but those who became their own Bosses in what they decide, execute and act upon it. When you own your efforts even if you stay in the same situation so long as you are working then nothing can stop your greatness from exploding. You can walk the furthest end but never make a difference. The difference is governed by your ambitions. 

Camouflaged Chameleon: Photo Courtesy

Everyone needs food similarly to all creatures. What matters is how you calculate yourself to acquire that food. Some people can spend their days indoors but make millions of money while others will always be on the roads but still remain poor. Being rich is all about how you plan for your wealth- even if little- and being poor is all about how you spend your wealth. Some people can spend more and remain rich while others will spend more and remain poor. What matters is How Smart You Are With The Kind of Decisions You Make. Ensure that you fit into it. Be of camouflage.

A number of people will associate a chameleon with deceit and ugliness but that's what you believe it is. For the chameleon it is different. There's a purpose to why it can change colours. There's a reason to why it has a long tongue. There's a purpose to why you are dark melanized while she is light melanized. It's never because of choice but because that's how you are to be. 

For instance, you will find a family of two daughters. One is bright in class while the other one is good at knitting. As a parent you claim your child is cursed, doomed and all sorts of words you may use because she cannot perform in class. That's why we are different. That's why there exists a unique you and a different me. That's why we can be of the same age but one grows rich or famous faster and earlier than the other. It's not coincidence but the way your actions, choices, decisions and ideas are executed. 

Never pressure yourself to move faster if you cannot. It's better you walk with the pace you can. Camouflage yourself. Just like a chameleon uses its colour to escape danger, use your five senses to escape harm. As you camouflage yourself, never let tribalism divide you. Never accept politics to separate us. Be like them when you are with them do long as the act you are executing will bring forth Peace, Justice, Harmony and Love. We are one in spite of our slight differences. Be of one UNION like a chameleon and it's SURROUNDING. Be a chameleon that sustains itself wisely and tactfully. 

©Janet Machuka